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All such experiences provide wonderful illustrations of the ways the functioning of the bodies of different individuals interact with the effects of surgery and anesthetic drugsMuscle paralyzing drugsCareful study of each story, together with an analysis of the anesthetic chart and the surgical procedure, often reveals the time period during which the period of consciousness occurredShqipMany people have heard stories of people who awoke during an operation performed under general anesthesiaUsually this situation is immediately recognized and appropriately dealt with, but some people react so minimally to the pain of their operations that the situation is not recognizedBasa JawaODPs prepare sterile instruments and equipment and work with the surgeon, passing the instruments within the sterile area


That person has a higher than normal chance of awareness during a subsequent anestheticThis is due to inadequate concentrations of sleep-inducing and painkilling drugs, but where the person is still paralyzed by the muscle paralyzing drugHealth and Care Professions Council (HCPC)www.healthcareers.nhs.ukAwareness during AnesthesiaThe Operating Theatre Journal Association for Perioperative Practice


The person was awake, able to move, and felt the pain of the operationODPs are not classified as allied health professionals, although in England this will change in April 2017.[4]Final remarksMay 2010^ a b Dobson, Roger (24 July 1999)^ "Clinical Quality, Standards and Safety: Clinical Quality FAQs"


Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP)These people then suffer the torments of the damnedThese muscle paralyzing drugs do not cause paralysis of the bladder or bowel muscles, which is why people under general anesthesia are not incontinent of urine or fecesTo understand the phenomenon of consciousness, or awareness during general anesthesia, it is first necessary to understand the types of drugs used during general anesthesiaExternal links[edit]Royal College of Anaesthetists"Operating department practitioner" is a protected title in the United Kingdom, and the profession has been regulated since 2004 by the UK's Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).[1] As of February 2017[update] there are 13,018 registered ODPs in the UK.[1] ODPs work as members of multi-disciplinary teams that include doctors, nurses, and support workersThey may very well have been consciousRetrieved 26 September 2016

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